Therapy Process

Treatment sessions are once a week for an hour or 45 minutes. The duration of therapy is for at least six months to a year.

No specific duration of treatment can be given beforehand; it can differ with up to 6 months from child to child, depending on the nature or intensity of the child's problem.

Feedback will be given to parents after each session if possible.

After every six months your child will be re-evaluated and his/her progress discussed with the parents. Results of therapy can be seen in motor proficiency, self-confidence, school performance, social interaction and behaviour.

Poor or no significant progress may indicate that an alternative approach may be necessary. The therapist will make the nessesary referal is needed.

Home programs will be used in order to promote continuity and to ensure that the skills are carried over.

If possible a class or school visit will be done to monitor the child's progress.