Welcome to Irene Therapy

Welcome to the house of FUN….

We are a sensory integration centre of excellence!

Our practice was established by Occupational Therapist, Bridget Hartley in 1998 and has been running since. We look back at almost 20 years of working as a dynamic team of therapists. We started our practice in the basement of the Southern Implants Building in Albert Road Irene. We moved Irene Therapy to Jean Ave in 2005 and in 2011 we moved back to the fringes of Irene in Impala Road hence the name Irene Speech and Occupational Therapists.

In our current practice we have Occupational and Speech Therapists. We specialize in Sensory Integration (Ayres SI©), which is a postgraduate qualification obtained through the Institute for Sensory Integration of SA. We have a multi-disciplinary team approach and strive for excellence in sensory integration in pediatrics. We are one of the few practices where we do joint and combined sessions with the OT and Speech Therapist together. We also serve as a training facility for other Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy therapists and students.